Dr. Darkness Will Be Undead Soon

Song written by Elchgetuem in 11/16

She’s age-old, but she looks good

If you don’t watch her in the mirror of truth

Concealing her immemorial

That noone sees the horror of bruise


She said


„Doctor Darkness

What are you afraid of?

What do you fear?


Follow me, let’s drink some beer“


With poison

Your virus of hatred

With toxine

My gyrus is gated

With venom

I am ill fated


I’m bedazzled by superficials

`cos she shows me tokens of beautiful lies

So I will follow whatever she says

Wherever she goes, not suspicious to die


She said


„Doctor Darkness …“


With Poison…


(Finally) we got to her home

(I was glad that) we were alone

Theres she rides me to death

But my bodies moving on


With Poison…

To undie



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