Master Of The Monkeys

Song written by Elchgetuem in 10/16

My resistance

Has been very much stronger when

I danced every night. But then

I got his knife in my veins

I bled and called his name



What do you want me to do to them?

What do you want me to say to her?

Now all of them are scared

And noone seems to care


Dance monkeys dance

Worship all that you will not be able to get into your hands

Dance monkeys dance

Get offensive, call it self-defense


And so he whispers to us all (3x)

Give me your souls

Follow me to my halls

Where the lava falls


Dance monkeys dance…


My mistress

You are the demon succubus

You and Mephisto(´re) follow(ing) us

You two get us to dare

In the end we all are bare


Dance monkeys dance…


Dance monkeys dance

There is no disposition to be anyone else, get back to yourselves

Dance monkeys dance

Be your masters, become a monkey transcend(ed )ens



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