The War At The Horst Of The Taiga

Song written by Elchgetuem in 10/16

Can you see this forest?
I´m the one who lives inside

This snow-covered fortress

Where I´m the king, animals my people


And if a human comes inside

I have promised that he´ll die

With my deerhead full of blood

I will crash him into the mood


With all their daggers

They´re trying to threaten us but

We will defend our homes

With our teeth and our talons


And if a human…


Rabbits – being the first row

They try to choke the tall wires

And the gearing machines

Birds are flying and shitting

And then they nosedive

Into some lumberjacks blind eyes


And dusk bringst he night to come

And the war´s still going on

About the question what belongs

To whom (and) who owns the sun


Thousands of fallen

Trees are growing out of this rotten

Corpses of Man they

Painted the dawn with their red cotton

Triumph is ours

But we don`t talk about win or glory

Counted endless hours

We counted dead bodies not for a story


And if a human…

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